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Welcome to deBarr

We are a Company with more than 35 years of experience in engineering and project management  in Energy Control Centers SCADA/EMS/DMS, Electric Power Systems and Applied Information Technology

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About us

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deBarr is an engineering company dedicated to offering specialized services to the electricity and automation market.

Our staff of professionals has a solid experience in the development of projects in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Jordan, Iraq, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and other countries.

We are structured matrix to serve our different areas of specialization, which we develop in a multidisciplinary way and where the professional teams are integrated according to the projects. At present we have a select team of professionals who work full time, supported by a group of independent professionals associated.








Years of Experience



What We Offer

As a consultant company with many years of experience in a range of numerous projects

Electric Power Systems, Energy Control Centers and Automation

  • Control Centers Technology Consulting SCADA/EMS/GMS/DMS
  • Planning and Design of High, Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Systems
  • SCADA/EMS custom application development
  • Electrical Systems Analysis
  • Training

Operational Planning and Modelling of Energy Markets

  • Estimates of production costs
  • Estimating and planning for fuel consumption
  • Development of compensation schemes for generation services
  • Research methodology for estimating parameters for reliability analysis of the generation system

Cybersecurity and Information Technology

  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • SCADA/EMS custom applications
  • Audits

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